The Garden of Native Plants

(not in existence now)

The New Jersey Native Plant Garden at Rutgers University, started in 1957, was designed by Raymond P. Korbobo, specialist in ornamental horticulture, New Jersey College of Agriculture, and is a scale model of the map of the state. Mrs. Edward L. Coffey, GCNJ's, State Horticulture Chairman, was appointed to plan and plant the garden.

From left to right:
Dr. Mason W. Gross, President Rutgers University,
Mrs. Edward Coffey, GCNJ's, State Horticulture Chair,
Mr. Donald F. Cameron, University Librarian,
Mrs. William J. Walters, Life President GCNJ,
Mrs. Austin B. Sayer, GCNJ

Follow this link to see a letter from the Rutgers Librarian and pictures of the Original Garden

Many Garden Club members contributed plants to the Garden, which contained the following:

Click here to see list of plants.