GCNJ'S Liaison to The Rutgers Gardens

The purpose of this committee is to keep the members of GCNJ informed on the history, the activities and special events happening in The Rutgers Gardens. Comments and/or questions may be directed to Jeanette Johnson by sending an E-mail to Jeanette@LorenYoungJohnson.com

Duties and Responsibilities of the GCNJ Liaison to The Rutgers Gardens
  1. Stimulate the interest of GCNJ clubs in the protection and preservation of The Gardens.
  2. Present progress reports on the GCNJ/Rutgers Gardens Projects.
  3. Review the historical development of The Gardens.
  4. Provide botanical and horticultural information on the collections.
  5. Encourage the clubs to arrange for tours of The Gardens.
  6. Place short articles in News-Leaf about The Gardens.
  7. Maintain a web site to provide information about The Gardens.

Our Leaders        

Carole Iuso
Onnalee Allieri
Wini Applegate
Ruth Paul
Kay McCormack
Bruce Crawford
Dr. Bruce Hamilton
Maryann Schrum
President GCNJ
President - Elect GCNJ
Past President GCNJ
Past President GCNJ
Grant Chair GCNJ
Director The Rutgers Gardens
Director Emeritus The Rutgers Gardens
Special Events & Reservation Coordinator

This web site is designed to help the GCNJ Liaison to The Rutgers Garden, Jeanette Johnson, achieve these objectives.